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June Update

13. Jun. 2017

Attention Operators!

As every month we prepared some tasty treats for you in June as well!

First of all, check the store for some new sick weapon series. This time we have two new options for you!

Summer themed Beach Series in limited sales and Naga Sets in discounted deals! Check the store right away!


Beach Series

AUG A3 Beach

krS S.V Beach

L86LSW Beach

PGM Hecate2 Beach

M1887 Beach

Arabian Sword Beach

Mask Beach



Naga Series


AUG A3 Naga

P90 Ext Naga

krS S.V Naga

chT N200 Naga

M1887 Naga

 cT Pythn Naga

Beach Mask


GSL2017 Series


AUG A3 GSL2017

krS S.V GSL2017

OA-93 GSL2017 

M1887 GSL2017

AS50 GSL2017