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August Update

01. Aug. 2017


Attention Operators


August brings plenty of new contents especially for you!



First of all, we have 10! New Steampunk Series Characters! You can get them separately or in discounted set packages!
Choose the one you like and check them out!





We have some new Random Boxes too. Midnight Blue 3 and Renegade are now available in our store.
You can get up to 90D of our brand-new series weapons!


 AUG A3 Midnight Blue 3

 krS S.V Midnight Blue 3


 OA-93 Midnight Blue 3


 P90 Ext Silence Midnight Blue 3


 AS-50 Silence Midnight Blue 3


 Mask Midnight Blue 3




 AUG A3 Renegade


 krS S.V Renegade


 M1887 Renegade


 AS-50 Renegade


 Mask Renegade





Roadside is a New York City inspired new map.
Check it out and see how it feels to battle in the middle of the City and get EXP and Point bonus at the same time!


(Bonus from August 1st to August 6th)



As always there is also a new Mission Card: AUGUSTBLOW. Complete the tasks and get Midnight Blue 3 and Renegade Weapons along the way.


In addition, August update introduces few changes to our UI:
- Clan page User Guide, to help you navigate clan related menus
- New in-battle weapon change menu (displaying weapons by category and search option added)
- Mini-map update
- Spec info pop-up windows in the inventory
- Map Tags in Room Creation Window, to help you find New and Event maps easier
- Updated options for weapon restrictions and observer modes in room Creation window

Log in now and make sure to try out all new contents and features! We hope you like them!