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PBST: PBIC2017 Qualifier!

13. Jun. 2017

Attention Operators!

As you all know time has finally come to start our way to this years PBIC!

We are glad to inform you that Piercing Blow Seasonal Tournament is now opened!


PBST (Piercing Blow Season Tournament): PBIC Qualifier

- Season Clan Battle. Teams with the highest points at the end of the season will be entitled to sign up for PBNC / PBUC Tournaments.

- Schedule
* June 13th 2017 ~ July 10th 2017

※ Details regarding the tournaments and schedules after PBST will be announced soon in a separate post. 


- Notice:
* All cheating activities (illegal or third-party programs usage, game client modulation, Clan EXP/Point farming, violation of official rules etc.) are strictly prohibited. In case of such activities being found, appropriate steps such as (but not limited to) disqualification will be applied.


Make sure to check our websites regularly for upcoming updates regarding our tournaments!
Best regards,
Piercing Blow