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PB New Tournament will start in early June (Modified)

13. Apr. 2018

Attention Operators!



In 2018, we are going to start our new tournament system in early May June. There will be three events: Season Clan Battle/Top 8 Clan Tournament/PBIC Qualifier. This new tournament system will be lead to the PBIC 2018.


[Season Clan Battle]:

Season Clan battle will take about 60~80 days. During that period, the clans will continually fight against other clans in the designated server. The clan that scores the most will be rewarded and enter to Top 8 Clan Tournament.


The Season Clan Battle will start in May 5th EARLY JUNE(TBD).



[Top Clan Tournament]:

Top 8 clans scoring the most on Season Clan battle on the certain period, will be invited and we will host Clan Tournament on online. 



[PBIC Qualifier]:

On August, we will hold PBIC Qualifier. Clans with the highest points at the end of the season will be entitled to sign up for. Once we have a full complete player list, we will announce the tournament date and schedule through a notice.  


  • Schedule


- PBNC(Piercing Blow National Championship) 2018: PBIC Qualifier- North America

 * Middle of August 2018


PBUC(Piercing Blow Union Championship) 2018: PBIC Qualifier- European Union

 * Middle of August 2018



Please be advised, if the clan do not meet requirements or were confirmed to perform abusing, clan point farming, the clan will be disqualified and the clan in the next rank will take the place.


An individual cannot join the Clan Battle, but once you are part of clan, you can join it anytime you want.


More information regarding the tournaments will be announced soon.


Looking forward to seeing you all in the battle.




Piercing Blow Team