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[Event] April Special Gift

04. Apr. 2018


Attention Operators,

If you succeed to log in every day until May 1st, you will be able to have our April Weapon Giveaway, Cosmic Green Series.

Check below for the daily list of rewards:


03-Apr|    Easter Grenade (3D)
04-Apr|    Quick Respawn 50% (1D)
05-Apr|    Mask Cosmic Green (1D)
06-Apr|    Cosmic Green Boneknife (1D)
07-Apr|    Increase Invincible Time (1D)
08-Apr|    Blue Smoke (1D)
09-Apr|    R.B454 SS8M Cosmic Green (1D)
10-Apr|    M1887 Cosmic Green (1D)
11-Apr|    Tactilite T2 Cosmic Green (1D)
12-Apr|    Ammo Up (1D)
13-Apr|    Quick Respawn 50% (1D)
14-Apr|    Yellow Smoke (1D)
15-Apr|    Pharaoh Chou (1D)
16-Apr|    Increase Invincible Time (1D)
17-Apr|    Nickname Recolor (1D)
18-Apr|    Quick Change Magazine (1D)
19-Apr|    Venom Random Box (1M)
20-Apr|    C4 Speed Kit (1D)
21-Apr|    Crosshair Color (1D)
22-Apr|    Pharaoh Tarantula (1D)
23-Apr|    krS SV Cosmic Green(1D)
24-Apr|    Ammo Up (1D)
25-Apr|    Quick Respawn 50% (1D)
26-Apr|    SC2010 Cosmic Green (1D)
27-Apr|    Aug A3 Cosmic Green(1D)

28-Apr|    Quick Respawn 50% (1D)
29-Apr|    Increase Invincible Time (1D)
30-Apr|    Venom Set (1D)