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[Event] March Special Gift & New Map: Space Port

07. Mar. 2018


Attention Operators, 


A new list of stamp event for March will be available until April 2nd.


If you succeed to log-in every day until April 2nd, you will be able to have our March Special Gift.


This time we have included Digital and Phantom series,

Plus Astrogirl characters for a perfect match to play new map “Space Port”.


Try out our new Space Port map and get EXP +20% and Point +20% Bonus!


Don’t Miss.


06-Mar| Pink Smoke (1D)

07-Mar| Increase Invincible Time (1D)

08-Mar| Mask Digital (1D)

09-Mar| chT 200 Digital (1D)

10-Mar| AK-47 Digital (1D)

11-Mar| M1887 Digital (1D)

12-Mar| KrS. S.V Digital (1D)

13-Mar| AUG A3 Digitial (1D)

14-Mar| Ammo Up (1D)

15-Mar| Blue Smoke (1D)

16-Mar| Astro Chou (1D)

17-Mar| Mask Phantom (1D)

18-Mar| AS50 Phantom (1D)

19-Mar| OA-93 Phantom (1D)

20-Mar| P90 Ext Phantom (1D)

21-Mar| Increase Invincible Time (1D)

22-Mar| Yellow Smoke (1D)

23-Mar| Astro Rica (1D)

24-Mar| Phantom Random Box(1M)

25-Mar| Bullet Proof Vest (1D)

26-Mar| Arabian Phantom (1D)

27-Mar| KrS. S.V Phantom (1D)

28-Mar| P90 Ext Phantom (1D)

29-Mar| AUG A3 Phantom (1D)

30-Mar| Quick Respawn 50% (1D)

31-Mar| Digital Random Box (1M)

01-Apr| Astro ViperRed (1D)

02-Apr| C4 Speed Kit (1D)



Piercing Blow