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December Update

19. Dec. 2017


Attention Operators!


With Christmas and New Years with have special Holiday Items for you and more!


X-Mas2017 Series, Rebel Series - Items and discounted Random Boxes!

Christmas Characters!

Christmas Attendance, Login, Boosting and Returning User Events with weapons and items!


Make sure to login and check them out!


XMAS-2017 Series:

AUG A3 XMAS-2017


OA-93 XMAS-2017


krS SV XMAS-2017


chT N200 XMAS-2017


Tactilite T2 XMAS-2017


Cerberus Shotgun XMAS-2017


M1887 XMAS-2017



 Rudolph Hammer




Christmas Characters:



Rebel Series:

AUG A3 Rebel


SC2010 Rebel


OA-93 Rebel


krS SV Rebel

L115A1 Rebel

  cT Pythn Rebel

 Combat Machete Rebel