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[Update] June Update

14. Jun. 2018

Attention Operator!


We’ve updated with various new items and events as:

1) New Weapons and Items: Maze Series and Indiana Character skin

   You can purchase the items via in-game shop and also via event.

2) June Mission Card 

3) New Mode: Step up Mode

  By using weapons to set per each steps to enjoy the whole new battle style!!

4) Events: 
- Attendance Event: with Maze Series (14 Jun ~ 10 Jul)
- Map Boost Event: 100% EXP, 100% Point Boost on Step up Mode (14 Jun ~ 26 Jun)
- Boost Event: 100% EXP, 100% Point Boost on Saturdays and Sundays (16 Jun ~ 8 Jul)
- World cup Event: "2018 Football Event Randombox" to daily Login user (14 Jun ~ 16 Jul)

5) Other minor bug fixes and minor change

Make sure to log in and check out new items and events!


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